Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why Running Nekid?

Welcome to Running Nekid!

Where the goal is to discover new ways of barefoot/minimalist running and to remain running injury free, in an ever expanding world of pavement awash with running technology and gadgets. 

Why Barefoot? How Safe Is Barefoot? What should I look for? ... 

We'll dive into how everyone can find their own comfort level and make a safe transition towards extending running longevity.

Chicago June 2012 - JMB

What Works?  What Doesn't?  ... 

You'll find an ever expanding collection reviewing everything from running wear to sports tapes.

Gear Review on:
*Minimalist Shoes
*FootPads / Shoe Replacements
*Running Gear 
*Hot/Cold Weather Tech

Articles and Links to Training/Experimenting:

*Transitioning to Bare/Minimal
*Stretching / Yoga To Assist Recovery and Ease Transition
*The Full Monty - Going Commando.  Dare you go Bare?...

Stick around.  Bookmark/Follow Us.  Stay Informed.  And Share. 

Happy Running! 

Running Nekid - JB

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